“Enough is a feast”

“Enough is a feast.”

I’ve been mulling over this saying all month.  It’s hard to focus on “enough” when ads are blaring about Black Friday shopping frenzies which somehow have expanded to a month-long event.  Or when Christmas trees seem to be sprouting everywhere, as if the calendar somehow skipped November and we are on an express train from Halloween to Christmas with no time for Thanksgiving in between.

            Yet Thanksgiving is a powerful reminder of gratitude’s importance. It is a day set aside to consider what enriches our lives and gladdens our hearts. Thanksgiving avoids the pressures of gift-giving and invites us simply to offer thanks for what we already have.

            Do we have enough?   Give thanks.

            Do we have heat on a cold day?  Give thanks.

            Will we be fed?  Give thanks.

            Will we gather with friends or loved ones?  Give thanks.

Will be comforted by memories of those we miss? Give thanks.

Perhaps this quote encourages us to consider what is enough in a society that insists that we always need more.  Maybe now is the time to reject messages that focus on what we don’t have. Maybe it’s an opportunity to refuse society’s nagging insistence that we are somehow lacking or don’t quite measure up.

Here’s an idea – Maybe we could begin Thanksgiving morning by looking in the mirror and greeting our reflection with the celebration, “You are enough.”

What do you have today?  Is it enough?

Then lift up your voice and give thanks to God.

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