About “Fostering your Faith”

Welcome to “Fostering your Faith”!

The name of the blog was inspired, of course, by my own name.  But the name fits the purpose of the blog.

Foster: I would like to “foster” your faith journey.  My goal is to encourage, help, support, and nurture your search for God in your own life.

Your: Not “my” faith. I’m not trying to convince you of anything or convert you.  Rather, I wish to offer food for thought, glimpses of God I have noticed along the way, and encouragement for you to seek God wherever you are. My blog is a forum to share wonder and amazement, as well as questions and concerns as I strive to follow God’s call.

 Faith: Faith is the “assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1).”  It is a way of believing and putting trust in what we may not be able to see, but are certain is there. Or, as William Sloane Coffin so brilliantly described, “I love the recklessness of faith.  First you leap, and then you grow wings.”

I hope you will explore my blog, enjoy my writing, and be inspired in your own faith journey.  Blessings!