A very special wedding

Sarah and Jordan were married on Saturday. It was a celebration of love, of course, but not just the romantic love between two people. This wedding celebrated the hopes, dreams, prayers, and hard work of countless people who made this special day possible.

Both Sarah and Jordan have Down Syndrome. Over the years they have confronted obstacles, setbacks, doubters, folks unable to recognize their worth, and some people who were just plain mean. It isn’t easy being “other” in our society. But they also had parents, family, and friends who believed in them and who consistently wanted the very best for them. Their wedding was a celebration of the power of love to transform lives.

Their wedding celebrated the tenacity of love. At this wedding we honored the hardworking love that gets up with dogged determination after every disappointment and challenge. We celebrated the parents who dared to dream that this day would someday come and whose fierce determination refused to give up on their beloved children. Parenting is never for the faint of heart; parenting a child with special needs demands an additional amount of fortitude. This wedding recognized that.

It also rejoiced in the strength of family and friends who formed a safe community where the unique gifts of Sarah and Jordan could be lifted up. It was also a tribute to all the dedicated teachers, coaches, trainers, and aides and assistants who worked on behalf of Sarah and Jordan and countless others so that they can live the very best life they can.

Sarah and Jordan’s wedding reminded us that the world is a better place when people choose to love one another. We are made richer by their example of their love, acceptance, and devotion. The joy and tender care they share with one another offers hope to a world that is too often callous and indifferent.

Over the years, many people informed Sarah and Jordan that their capabilities were limited and their future was dim. Thank God they had the wisdom to block out the negative voices and ignore the naysayers. This wedding celebrated God’s unlimited vision of each one of us. It was a reminder that we are all more capable, more amazing, and more filled with possibility than any of us realize. It was invitation to look beyond the obvious with a willingness to be surprised by what is actually possible.

Sarah and Jordan got married and it was a memorable occasion. That day showed us all what joy looks like. May God bless them on their journey and may we all be inspired to share and show love as boldly as they do.

4 thoughts on “A very special wedding

  1. Jill

    This is such a beautiful story, uplifting, heartwarming (I admit I got a little teary especially seeing the newly married couple dancing together). and like a real life fairy tale that really did come true. I haven’t felt so hopeful about humanity in a long time! So once again, thank you Sue for sharing your experiences and insights and for this lesson of the power of love and a caring family and all the people who believe their purpose in life is to make dreams come true.

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  2. Carol Crump Bryner

    Thanks, Sue, for your beautiful essay on this wonderful event. It’s not just a celebration of Sarah and Jordan, but of the family Patti and Tom created and blessed with their love, their humor, their intelligence, and their compassion for all humankind.
    I remember Sarah when she was a little girl telling me about a movie with a princess and a prince and doing it with such fun and animation. She wanted to be this princess someday, and here she is. Love and luck to them.


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