Prayer for Las Vegas

God of peace,

We pray for all affected by the violence in Las Vegas.

We pray

For singing and dancing turned into terror and loss

For joy turned into sorrow

For lives ended too soon.

We pray

For families across the country who are suddenly thrown into grief.

For your healing presence to be with the wounded,

To surround those who have witnessed horror with your compassion.

We ask you to

Bless the first responders: the police, EMT’s, doctors and nurses

who share your love by caring for your people.

Today let us

Treat one another gently.

Speak words of kindness.

Reach out to those in pain.

Let us not be swayed by evil but rather strengthened by your faithfulness.

You who are always with us, hear our prayer.  Amen.

4 thoughts on “Prayer for Las Vegas

  1. Ede Steele

    This is a wonderful prayer. I wanted to ask if I might send it in an email to my people. I would give you credit for the prayer. If I used it would you want your name and church or fosteringyourfaith? If you do not want me to that is perfectly fine. No worries. I just thought you said it so well and I have been thinking all morning of how to put it.



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    1. fosteringyourfaith

      Ede, I would be glad for you to share the prayer. The more people we have praying, the better. Peace to you and your congregation.


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