Thanksgiving Fest Reflections of Gratitude: Day 19

Come, let us tell of the LORD’s greatness; let us exalt his name together.”   Psalm 34

I have a love-hate relationship with computers and the internet.  I despair at the amount of time people spend looking at their phones and I worry we are raising a generation of children who won’t know how to talk with one another and enjoy a lengthy, heart-felt conversation.

On the other hand, I enjoy texting with my daughter while she is away at school and revel in the pictures of college adventures she shares on Facebook. I marvel at the instant communication that allows me to keep up with family and friends across the country and around the world. I amazed – and grateful – that I have instant access to information about weather and news. I appreciate the vast array of movies I can enjoy on my laptop while relaxing with a cup of tea on my couch.  And I would be embarrassed to tell you how often Google provides a complete Bible quotation for my sermon when I can only remember bits and pieces of it.

Undoubtedly the internet can be used in any number of vile ways and can waste precious hours. But when I am mindful and intentional, the computer can open the world up to me and that can be a blessing.

I give thanks for computers, the internet and the many ways we can connect with one another.

What are you thankful for today?

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