Nothing to say

I have no words.

I have nothing to say after the murders in Uvalde, after the racist killings in Buffalo, in response to the ongoing grief and loss in Ukraine.

There are enough people talking.  A lot of people making noise that sounds like “never again,” but without any accompanying action.

There are many people who say that this is unpreventable, unstoppable, inevitable.

There are some people who are offering profound, heartfelt prayers and tender words to comfort those whose lives have been changed forever.

But I have no words.

I have no original, insightful, wise words that will make this better.

I do believe that we must draw close to God, to the source of life and love, so that our spirits will not be drained by the hate and evil that surround us. Let us fill our souls with the promise that God’s love is stronger than our fear.  Let us remember that God has promised never to leave us or forsake us.

And armed with those promises and filled with God’s love and new life, let us go into those places of loss and sorrow to offer not words, but a listening ear, a caring heart, and a supporting hand.

Let us embody the love of God, who is always with us.  

Instead of my words, I will share a prayer that speaks to my heart.  This is a “caim” prayer – a  prayer for God’s love and blessing to encircle those in need.  These words can be offered for anyone we carry in our hearts, especially when we have no words.

Circle them, Lord. Keep comfort near and discouragement far.

Keep peace within and turmoil out.

Circle them, Lord. Keep protection near and danger afar.

Circle them, Lord. Keep hope within, keep despair without.

Circle them, Lord. Keep light near and darkness afar.

Circle them, Lord. Keep peace within and anxiety without.

The eternal Creator, Son and Holy Spirit shield them on every side.


Caim prayer: (Celtic Daily Prayer, p. 297).