Praying for tail lights

As my busy family comes and goes, I find myself praying for them…

He inches down our icy driveway while it’s still dark, heading off to work. It’s an hour drive, back roads and highways. Will other drivers be distracted? Has someone been drinking? Will they be careful of the precious (to me) cargo contained in that ancient car? As I see the tail lights pull away, I pray for God’s protection and comfort.

She’s off to her new job, dressed to impress, and eager to make a difference. This baby adult, I’m not sure she realizes just how many dangers are out there. Brimming with confidence, certain she can meet the challenges of the day, she drives off; I watch the tail lights disappear into the dark. Peace, I pray, safety and love travel with her.

I pray for headlights, as well. Waiting for the late-night arrival after a long restaurant shift, never knowing exactly when he will get home. I only half-sleep as I wait for the headlights to flash across the ceiling, announcing his arrival. Will he be tired after work? Will he stay awake as he drives? What about the deer that dart across the road? As I wait to see the headlights, I pray that he be filled with alertness and the reassurance that a warm, loving home is waiting.


I pray for the headlights that drive across the state as a long school semester ends. A long drive across crowded busy highways, filled with people intent on arriving first and fastest.  I consider all the activities that await his arrival – choosing the Christmas tree, baking cookies, making apple sauce. All of that is on “hold” until the headlights appear, making our family complete again. I look out the window – again – waiting. Send my love to him, I pray, and surround him with your guardian angels.

It’s all we can do, sometimes. Just pray. Wait and watch.

And pray some more.

While they are out of my sight, I entrust them to God’s loving care.

5 thoughts on “Praying for tail lights

  1. Carol Crump Bryner

    Oh – so many evenings I’ve spent like that. Hoping that some kind of karma is working in their favor. But sometimes you can’t just leave it to chance or prayer. Check those taillights, help them have a safe car. Teach them not to drink and drive, to wear their seat belts. Not take candy from strangers and all that kind of child-raising indoctrination. Because we, as parents, are the first line of safety. God and karma and wishing and hope and anxiety – they are all the last resorts. The real work has hopefully already been done, and they are in their own safe hands.


    1. fosteringyourfaith

      So true! As they head out the door, I always wonder – did I teach them enough? Do they have the skills they need to face emergencies that might happen? It’s a wonder I ever allow them out the door! (As if I have a choice, now that they are all young adults!) 🙂


  2. Jill

    So thankful for those guardian angels of adult children – no one ever tells you parenting (and the worries that go with that job) never end! Thanks for another comforting message – trust they will be cared for by powers greater than mom!


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